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An Expert’s Tips for a Stress-free Move

Moving season continues even during the pandemic. I am sure that you have already started your planning and preparations for your move but what is the “new normal” for moving?

There are a few changes that people should be aware of and different questions that you may want to start asking your mover. There are no government agencies or associations that provide guidelines for movers to follow so use your common sense when you are shopping and make smart, health-conscious choices. You should also be aware that during the pandemic most movers who usually provide on-site estimates are not able to do so for safety reasons.

We have been doing virtual tours of homes or asking our clients to provide pictures or videos of what they are moving in order give them an idea of how much time their move should take and what the costs will be.

Here are some questions that you should be asking during COVID-19:

  • Are your moving teams constantly switching up or is it the same teams that work together?

  • Do you disinfect and sanitize the truck and the equipment after every move?

  • Do you provide your teams with masks and gloves for every move?

  • Are you charging any additional surcharges for the changes you have had to implement that are directly related to COVID-19?


While you may be asking the movers to take precautions during your move, you should also be aware that the movers may require you to take certain precautions as well. We are calling all of our customers prior to their move to confirm that they are prepared and are asking them the following questions:

  • If you are moving out of or into an apartment building / condo / residence are there any reported cases of COVID on-site?

  • Have you or anyone in your household shown signs of COVID or been exposed to someone with the virus?

  • Have you made preparations so that only 1 person will be on-site on the day of the move?

  • Are you equipped with masks and gloves for the move?

  • Have you made sure that no technicians or deliveries are scheduled and that no visitors or family members will show up at the time of your move?


Donations and Decluttering:

During COVID-19 many organizations and donation centres have been closed. Before dropping off your donations or figuring out how to declutter call your local public works, eco-centres, organizations and donation centres to make sure they are open.


Hiring your mover:

Now that you have decided to proceed with your moving plans, your number one priority is your moving date. If you can get access to your new dwelling in advance of the actual day, you may be able to slowly start moving your belongings. For big moves or larger items, you should ask friends and family for referrals as the reputable movers will book early. There is a level of comfort and trust that needs to be established with your mover, so a word-of-mouth referral is the best start. When you interview a potential mover, you should feel free to ask as many questions as possible and check them out online. My top FAQ’s are:

1. How many years have you been in business?

2. Do you have insurance?

3. How many insurance claims have you made in the last 2 years?

4. Are your crews experienced?

5. Do you hire from agencies?

6. Is there a designated driver, or is he part of the moving crew?

7. Do you charge extra for;

  • travel time?

  • non-elevator moves?

  • specialty furniture items?

  • new mattress bags?

  • wardrobe boxes?

  • tape to wrap the furniture?

  • fuel surcharges?

  • extra insurance

8. What can I do to keep my costs as low as possible?

Now that you have done the research, book your mover. Then, get ahead of the game and start the Keep, Donate and Discard piles.

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