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Meet the owners!

Shari and Murry met 30 years ago working at the same non- profit. Shari oversaw customer service and administration. Murry ran the transportation department and they bonded over their desire to serve the community. 

Shari and Murry saw how stressful moving can be and how important it is to start off on the right foot in your new home. So, when budget constraints forced their NFP to close their transport department, they decided to continue that work themselves. In April 1998 Murry Transport was born and less than six months later, they married.

Over the past 25 years, Shari and Murry have moved over 10,000 Montrealers to their new homes and businesses. Their hands-on, personalized and efficient services have made them the movers of choice for over 15 residences. They specialize in working with families and seniors moving to their new residences.

When Shari and Murry take your move, you can rest assured they’re treating you like part of their family. Shari answers your phone calls and does every single local estimate while Murry is on every job site, driving the truck and organizing & supervising the job.

We know that moving is one of the most stressful life events and we pride ourselves on taking on the burden for you.


Residential Moves




Commercial Moves


Packing/Unpacking Service

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